What U-Turn Anxiety is About

Our Vision

To change the current anxiety paradigm from
Surviving to Thriving in 1 million kids

Our Mission

To change the current anxiety paradigm by Empowering Parents and Educators with the skills they need to Reduce Anxiety in kids so they get to Thrive with Courage and CALM Confidence.

Our Intention

To share science-based, solution-focussed tools
that empower you to turn:

  • Fear → Self-Love
  • ​Resistance → Resilience
  • Over Reaction → Emotional Regulation
  • ​Control → Connection
  • Power Struggles → Cooperation
  • Stress → Harmony & Joy

We're Not Your Typical Anxiety Therapist

​If you’re exhausted from endless Google searches + years of therapy without results – we get it! Here’s what makes U-Turn Anxiety YOUR Solution:

Current Mental Health System

Specialised anxiety support: Based on lived experience, expert training, cutting edge science-based research in the anxiety space


Personalised 1:1 parent coaching support: Tailored, personalised 1:1 coaching is offered to guide and upskill parents to meet their unique family’s needs.


No waitlists: We provide immediate access to support for families.

​Solution- and results-focused: Our approach focuses on finding solutions and achieving outstanding results. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate problems significantly.

Rapid progress with proven results: Families achieve rapid results beyond what they dreamed was possible.

Empowerment of parents: Parents are empowered with the skills they need to empower their children so they can thrive.


Reduced burden on the child: Your child is now NOT deemed as the one with the problem because the load is now shared. This minimises the pressure on your child to attend therapy appointments.

Reduced dependency on external professionals: Our ethos is to strengthen the family support system and reduce reliance on external health professionals.

Lifelong generational changes: Anxiety-related behaviours are treated by addressing the root cause. Unconscious shifts are created, leading to lifelong generational thinking and behaviour changes. We do not promote quick fix, band aid strategies that don’t work long term.


Imagine your household as
U-Turn the Anxiety

Kids effected by Anxiety

1 in 7

We want to help

500 +

Families in 2023

We are 


Towards our Target

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At U-Turn Anxiety we are:

  • Taking a U-Turn on Anxiety so it no longer has a hold over you or your loved ones
  • Breaking the mould by challenging the status quo. We do not settle for mediocrity or continued toxic generational conditioning. Instead we’re about creating long term transformational shifts in people’s lives
  • Empowering parents, leaders and educators with the right tools and support they need to empower the children in their care
  • ​Experts in reducing anxiety in both children and adults with outstanding outcomes for all
  • Rewriting the current blueprint on how to address anxiety by going beneath the surface behaviours and getting to the root cause
  • ​Valuing prevention and early specialised intervention to minimise the risk of mental illness and anxiety related disorders even eventuating
  • ​Looking through a different lens by teaching and sharing the benefits of those with an anxious temperament so anxiety works for, instead of against them

Save Your Seat For This FREE Class - Tuesday 23rd July

Discover the exact formula that stops anxiety ruling your child’s life in 60 minutes!

Discover the exact formula that stops anxiety ruling your child’s life in 60 minutes!

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