About the U-Turn Anxiety Movement

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To reduce anxiety suffering in one million adults and kids


Empowering Parents, Educators and Kids with the tools they need to reduce anxiety so our future generation gets to thrive with Courage and Calm Confidence.


To share science based, solution focussed tools that empower you to Turn:

  • Fear into Self-Love
  • Resistance into Resilience
  • Over Reaction into Emotional Regulation
  • Control into Connection
  • Power Struggles into Cooperation
  • Stress into Harmony & Joy
  • Fear into Self-Love
  • Resistance into Resilience
  • Over Reaction into Emotional Regulation
  • Control into Connection
  • Power Struggles into Cooperation
  • Stress into Harmony & Joy
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U-Turn Anxiety

  • ​Solution & results focussedwith problems significantly reduced or non existent after receiving our support
  • We empower parents and educators first so they can then lead by example and empower the kids in their care. It’s a win win for all
  • ​​The burden on the child to attend ongoing therapy appointments is reduced significantly
  • ​​We have no wait lists
  • When families and educators are empowered with the tools to conquer anxiety, it reduces dependency on external health professionals and systems
  • We create unconscious shifts that lead to lifelong generational thinking and behavioural changes
  • ​​We aim for every client to be surprised by what’s possible
  • We address what’s driving the anxiety which consequently reduces negative behaviours as well
  • ​We prioritise building emotional competence in both adults and kids so they can handle challenging situations with emotional maturity
  • ​Our approach is for the greater good with the focus on all parties thriving.


Traditional Path

  • Problem focussed
  • The same old problems keep recurring and even increasing with wellbeing staff run off their feet
  • Parents largely left out of the loop with the child receiving the therapy, yet, the parents still lack the tools to change any problematic family thinking and behaviour patterns
  • The child is deemed as the one with the problem, burdened with having to attend appointments, with frequently changing staff and long waits between
  • With stretched resources, those who are in crisis are given priority leaving others waiting with things often becoming worse
  • (Band aid approach) Treating the anxiety related behaviours without getting to the root cause. eg Schools typically punish or rescue students who are struggling to conform with neither approach increasing resilience
  • ​​Minimal results with anxiety rates still high. Families remain stuck in the anxiety cycle, surviving instead of thriving, just getting over one hurdle to find the next one comes along 1 that others are BAD

Imagine your household as
U-Turn the Anxiety

Kids effected by Anxiety

1 in 7

We want to help

500 +

Families in 2023

We are 


Towards our Target

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At U-Turn Anxiety we are:

  • Taking a U-Turn on Anxiety so it no longer has a hold over you or your loved ones
  • Breaking the mould by challenging the status quo. We do not settle for mediocrity or continued toxic generational conditioning. Instead we’re about creating long term transformational shifts in people’s lives
  • Empowering parents, leaders and educators with the right tools and support they need to empower the children in their care
  • ​Experts in reducing anxiety in both children and adults with outstanding outcomes for all
  • Rewriting the current blueprint on how to address anxiety by going beneath the surface behaviours and getting to the root cause
  • ​Valuing prevention and early specialised intervention to minimise the risk of mental illness and anxiety related disorders even eventuating
  • ​Looking through a different lens by teaching and sharing the benefits of those with an anxious temperament so anxiety works for, instead of against them

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