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Get your FREE 5 Steps to Combatting Anxiety eBook

You're about to discover the secret to radically reducing your child’s anxiety.

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Amanda Cowan

Amanda is a proud mum to three beautiful girls and truly understand the joys and challenges of the journey of parenting. She is incredibly passionate about helping and supporting others and building a community with a sense of belonging.

She had the privilege of 20 years experience in Early Childhood Education, teaching and managing Early Learning centres where a highlight for her was coaching and mentoring educators in the leadership space to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and families.

Professional Qualifications:

✔️ Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

Areas of Specialisations:

​✔️ The early years - 0-5 years

✔️ Child development 0-8 years

✔️ Respectful and nurturing relationships

✔️ Genuine partnerships with families

✔️ Natural parenting approaches

Deborah Grivas

Deb is an experienced professional in the Education Sector, boasting a rich and diverse career spanning over 30 years. Deb's journey has taken her across Australia and overseas.

From her early days teaching in Primary Schools in Western Sydney; Deb has also taught in Preschools in the Blue Mountains; run Parenting Programmes in Perth and trained teachers in Nepal and Thailand.

After returning to University in her 40’s to study Psychology and Inclusive Education, she has since worked in Early Intervention Services, advocating for Inclusive Education and consulting in the field as well as working as an academic at Macquarie University, NSW.

But what truly fuels her fire is her own journey as a mum to three amazing adult children, all of whom are proudly neurodivergent individuals. This firsthand experience has gifted her patience, empathy, and a deep understanding of the challenges and joys of parenting unique kids with differing needs.

As a staunch advocate for Inclusive Education and Neuro Affirming Practices, Deb is always challenging others to rethink their perspectives on people with neurological differences.

When not immersed in her educational endeavours, Deb finds solace as a part-time yoga and meditation instructor and hiking guide. And of course, she loves indulging in the simple pleasures of life – a good movie, a comfy couch and glass of wine!

Professional Qualifications:

✔️ Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
✔️ Diploma of Teaching (Primary)
✔️ Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
✔️ Master of Inclusive Education
✔️ Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)(Honours)

Areas of Specialisations:

✔️ ​Parenting young children with ASD and/or ADHD

✔️ Inclusive and Neuro affirming practices

✔️ Family-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy interventions

✔️ Giftedness and Twice exceptionality in young children

✔️ Relaxation, meditation and mindfulness based techniques for children and adults

Jade Hollick

Jade is not just a professional, but a compassionate advocate for children and families, fueled by a personal parenting journey that intertwines with her professional expertise.

She has a rich background spanning psychology, education, and parenting support with over 14 years of experience in child development and education.

Her career has seen her excel in various educational settings across three Australian states, where she has made significant contributions to early childhood education and family support initiatives.

Jade's expertise encompasses early childhood education, early intervention & family practitioner, and tertiary-level teaching. She has also been actively involved in parenting and family programs, particularly in remote communities, where she has worked tirelessly to enhance resources and facilities through grant writing initiatives and collaboration with government and non-government organisations.

​ Jade not only leverages her expertise but also her empathy and understanding, creating meaningful connections with families and communities so that they can thrive emotionally, socially, and academically.

She views her journey in the parent education and coaching space as not just a career, but a calling— to make a difference in the lives of children and families in our modern society.

Professional Qualifications:

✔️ Bachelor of Psychology (2008)
✔️ Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) (2009)
✔️ Master of Education (Early Childhood), and TITK Emotion Coaching accreditation (2021)
​✔️ Doctoral level seminar training Triple P Positive Parenting Program (Group, Primary Care, Stepping Stones-disability, Baby, Teens, Positive Early Childhood Education) (2022)

Areas of Specialization:

✔️ Challenge current perceptions and behaviours through a self regulatory approach to enhance awareness of individual thoughts, emotions and patterns of behaviour.

✔️ Empowering parents to actively manage stress levels and discover meaningful self-care routines.

✔️ Embrace a holistic approach addressing not just psychological well-being but also physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of parenting.

✔️ Provide insights into nervous system understanding, emotional regulation, and techniques such as emotion coaching, co-regulation, and regulation strategies.

✔️ Navigate child behaviour through a developmental lens, empowering parents with tools and insights to support their child's growth and well-being effectively to shift behaviour patterns and ways of responding to children.

✔️ Apply Cognitive Behavioural principles to help parents recognise and address negative thought patterns contributing to anxiety, guiding them towards more adaptive beliefs and behaviours in themselves and in their children.

Maria Kairouz

Maria is a dedicated mother of two children, driven by her passion for establishing a safe environment for her family and all individuals. An unwavering advocate, she is committed to nurturing growth and fostering a kind, inclusive community. Maria's approach is rooted in positivity, empathy, and a belief in people's inherent strengths.

With over 22 years of experience in multiple therapeutic roles including private practice, Case Management in Disability Services include working with the Behaviour Intervention Support Team, counselling, and high-support intervention/counselling for Lifeline Australia, Maria has honed her skills in navigating complex situations with compassion and insight. She finds fulfillment in empowering others, especially during challenging times, and amplifying the voices of marginalised communities.

Maria's leadership shines through her commitment to personal growth and collaborative efforts. She thrives on supporting others to reach their full potential, embodying the values of empathy, resilience, and empowerment in all her endeavours.

Professional Qualifications:

​✔️ Private Practice, Counselling and Coaching

✔️ Case Management in Disability Services – Behaviour Intervention Support

✔️ Specialised Targeted Services Counselling Lifeline Australia

Areas of Specialisations:

✔️ Solution Focused Therapy Techniques.

✔️ Strength-Based approach.

✔️ Positive Behaviour Change Model

✔️ Play Therapy Techniques

Tam Drury

Tam is deeply committed to helping parents and caregivers to understand and support their anxious and struggling children.

Her background includes working with children/adolescents and young adults in a variety of settings including substance abuse (case management) within a withdrawal and rehabilitation centre, supporting victims of incest and sexual assault, struggles within the family unit and school, and supporting children with ADHD and who are neurodiverse.

Her support is rooted in relational neuroscience and attachment, with a focus on understanding and getting curious about behaviour and offering children the support they need to develop skills that move them out of fear and towards the life they want to be living.

She does this by helping parents gain a deeper understanding of the bi- directional communication between the brain and the body, and developing the relational skills required to be the person/s our child orients to in times of distress, and an ongoing source of support and skill building.

She does this as someone in the trenches with you; she is a parent of a sensitive child, and was that sensitive anxiety prone child herself. Dealing with her own tendency towards anxiety and learning so many skills herself that have supported both herself and her child….coupled with years of training enables her to offer heartfelt, empathic and skilled support to the families she feels so deeply privileged to work with.

Professional Qualifications:

✔️ Social Work/Family Support
✔️ Certified Parenting Support Practitioner/coach
✔️ SBSM- Nervous System and Polyvagal Informed Education, including Early Developmental Trauma, Shock Trauma and Chronic/Toxic Stress
✔️ Mona Delahooke - Beyond Behaviours Polyvagal Informed Training
✔️ Simplicity Parenting - Numerous Care Professionals Training
✔️ Alison Davies - Brain =Behaviours training

​​Areas of Specialisations:

​✔️ Comprehensive knowledge of the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System)

✔️ Complex understanding of children with vulnerable nervous systems; how this creates anxiety and presents often as baffling and undesirable behaviour.

✔️ Utilising current neuroscience and child development to support parents in reframing their understanding of behaviour and the power of connection and relationship in shifting children from fear to confidence and competence

✔️ Understanding the more sensitive child and their unique vulnerabilities and challenges

Hi, I'm Sue.

I'm an Anxiety Support Specialist for Parents & Kids who enjoyed an extremely rewarding 36-year career in Classroom Teaching, Educational Leadership, Wellbeing, and Anxiety Support Coaching.

Being a mother of 3 and a grandparent of 6, I am passionate about Empowering Parents, Educators, and Kids with the skills they need to reduce anxiety so they get to thrive with Courage and Calm Confidence.

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Discover the exact formula that stops anxiety ruling your child’s life in 60 minutes!

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Juley's had trouble getting her daughter to school. She wouldn't even leave the house. Juley used to leave her house every morning as she tried to go to work and her daughter would be in heap in the hallway, crying and not being able to manage her day. Then she couldn't get to work. It was a ripple effect, everyone was being affected by what was going on.

  • Fear into Self-Love
  • Resistance into Resilience
  • Over Reaction into Emotional Regulation
  • Control into Connection
  • Power Struggles into Cooperation
  • Stress into Harmony & Joy
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My child is now thriving!

My child was experiencing debilitating anxiety.
She started to refuse going to school she was complaininng of all sorts of ailments, She was completely depressed, and I just didn't know what to do.

And working in Wellbeing, I thought I had the answers but I didn't. I was becoming really frustrated, and I was say and doing all the wrong things and I really needed help.

So a friend of mine sugguested Sue. From the moment I meet Sue and connected with her, I just knew that she was the person that I needed to help me and support me through this journey.

My life and my child's life is so completely different now. I have a child who is thriving, not only is she thriving, but it happend instantaneously.

Sue, you've change my life & my child's life for the better! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Fear into Self-Love
  • Resistance into Resilience
  • Over Reaction into Emotional Regulation
  • Control into Connection
  • Power Struggles into Cooperation
  • Stress into Harmony & Joy
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