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support kids with Anxiety

After having a rewarding career in teaching, educational leadership, student management and wellbeing, raising a family of my own and having 6 grand children, there’s nothing that shocks me when it comes to behavior in kids.

The trouble is that most adults don’t realize why kids behave in undesirable ways and even if they do, they don’t know how to change the child’s behavior without some degree of control, threat or punishment.

Yet, anxiety is fear playing out and the last thing someone experiencing anxiety needs is to be controlled by fear tactics. Trust me, it may seem to work in the short term, but it backfires eventually.

After my own personal experience living with anxiety and seeing rapidly rising rates of anxiety in kids in schools, I decided to go on a mission to learn how we can do better and actually reduce anxiety suffering in kids.

I have now discovered the formula that completely Transforms kids lives and I want to share it with the world.

You can turn anxiety around when you know how!

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